Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Time To Reorder Some Tea.

I'm having a bit of a tea lull.

You see, I purchased a large amount of tea about 3 or 4 months ago, and it's still affecting me, in the sense that I am still drinking the same stash. Well I just realized today, that not all of my teas are hits. I have also noticed that I've actually drank most of my 16 oz. bags of tea, and my canisters are becoming suspiciously empty. So then now what? I have to find a use for the teas I have, but I also need to order more. Oh poo.

Of course it's really not all that bad, because I get to try new and awesome flavors should I choose that. But at the moment I am a little bit confused. This much I know. I do not want another huge batch of black tea, because I feel I bought too much at the last order. Secondly, there are some tea blends I made that I love, but I have to pay extra to blend them. That, or I pay extra for all the big containers of tea I'd be buying. Either way, it's overage of something, tea, or money.

So far, I'm ordering apple, cream, Irish Breakfast and earl grey moonlight from Adagio Teas. Maybe I'll order some more Ti Kuan Yin as well. That oughta liven up my collection.