Monday, November 26, 2012

Tea for Teacher

How about an apple tea for the teacher? That would work.

I enjoy the idea of tea being a part of my job title. Tea. Hm. Has a lovely ring to it. I've always thought of my tea as a cup of soothing nutrition, with its phytochemical, fat melting magic people run for. It is also intense, meditative, quiet, and wreaks of wisdom.

The etymological meaning of the word teacher, is one who teaches. If Sanskrit is considered, then the word 'teacher' becomes 'guru.' Guru is a teacher, though its meaning also points out someone who is to be treated with great reverence and authority. It is someone who aligns with a more transcendental reality, someone who ultimately knows that there is the literal interpretation of things, and then there's that place that takes traditional learning beyond barriers and limits to understand a more ultimate reality.

This is how I sometimes see myself.

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