Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tea as medication, leads me to meditation.

Yes. My body is weary and hurting, I am taking on the energies of others, I have rehearsed all day and worked all week, I've dealt with emotional meltdowns because in order to heal you must feel. Sooooo...into a cup of coffee we go.


I only use coffee when there is a dire need for a head change with a caffeinated jumpstart, and apparently this is what we are dealing with. So I grabbed a Starbucks by clear past 3. I'm not too well hydrated, I haven't exercised beyond the dancing we did today, and I promised I'd go to a show tonight, so my time is limited. Once again, coffee takes the lead. But I know what happens if I keep the coffee in my body by itself...

So I'm making a cup of tea.


Tea after coffee is never sweeter. Tea after everything is truly the right thing to do. I use tea to medicate the coffee, making it safer to drink, believe it or not. You see, coffee spins me out. I know. I should be able to just drink the tea and not the coffee...but then there are these DAYS, you know? It's very simple. Those are the days when you just have to do what you have to do. So it's coffee. But the tea...the tea has high power. The tea is far more useful, kind of like a bandage instead of a bullet to the head. That's a rough analogy. It's more like a kiss on the forehead instead of a slap on the face. There. That sounds better.

Okay. Having said that, my tea drinking in full bloom keeps me from crazy immunity issues. The more tea I drink, the more I feel my mind, body and soul sending me deep messages. These deep messages definitely speak to a more intuitive process somewhere within, like traveling into the pit of my wellbeing. Tea goes in and finds me. I'd like it to fish out some discipline for me, and that award-winning book that's waiting to be written. It will be. I am already victorious if I'm even courting the idea. How about all those books I still need to read??? Tea will find that time I'm looking for, to sit with a cup of it, and wax on and off over a book that needs to read...and written.

You see? Above you will find a meditation. The tea, it led me there.

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