Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Tea Shot

It might be a bit bold and bitter to take a heaping tablespoon of tea and steep in about 4 oz. of water for 5 to 10 minutes, but it succeeds in making a killer cup of tea latte every morning. In fact I'm sure many tea pundits would probably shriek at me, for flavors, tannins, character, and the like. But what if that tea was seriously only intended for the purpose of providing a bit of caffeinated early morn bliss, if there ever could be some? Tea latte has been my savior many a morning.

Having said that, I practiced with making a tea concentrate with a larger volume of tea and water for a lesser steep time, then stored the concentrate, using a quarter cup per latte. I don't like them watered down, if what they are is latte. It still maintains the flavor of the tea you're making. I'm thinking it worked.

I'm also trying flavor oils directly in the tea, or flavored syrups. It simply makes me a happier person, and that makes the entire world a safer place to be. ;)

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