Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Taurus Cuppa

Adagio thinks that Taurus tastes like oolong and white tea with the flavor of peaches on a mid spring day. Well I agree, as I bring the cup to my lips, a pleasant feeling of euphoria passes thru.

I'm actually rather intuitive about the tea I choose to drink. I sometimes get intercepted by what caffeinated influence I think need to be in place, but then I push that aside and I make the cup that speaks to me. It is indeed interesting that I was having a taste for a medium body, fruity and earthy taste, with notes of apple and marigold accent flavors threatening to take center stage. It's all I know, to allow the sensation into my space and drink the tea from within. So ultimately, Does it matter what the tea tastes like, if the experience and process has so much meaning? Sometimes I feel the taste pushes me thru the medium, a conduit to the Divine...

I take pleasure in knowing how much I attain from a good cup of tea. My obsession with the drink does not go unnoticed, nor is it shared alone, I am sure, though I sometimes feel rather alone in my desire to attain so many cups. Meanwhile, it is may, and the zodiac dictates a taurean energy flowing thru our consciousness. This may bring people to think about their money and how they spend and save, or make one feel rather domestic, or even plain sleepy and lazy. It's interesting how it just offers me a window for contemplation, and to take in spring's true messages. I am feeling that this tea played a larger role this morning in my breakfast than I am giving credit. I feel ready to thank the designer of this tea for tapping accurately into the pulse of this planetary leaning, to channel a cup of wisdom that is currently inspiring my taurean outlook.

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