Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cups of Genius.

The multiple cuppa greets me warmly this evening.

One electric kettle is going, while at least three pots of tea are made to brew. As I sit to the work, a deep solace washes over me, along with maybe the third cup. When I say cup, I mean mug, at least 16 to 20 ounces worth. I usually do not attempt to slam multiple cups of black tea in the evenings, but I do crave one mug of a rich brew to satisfy my desire to take part in an evening of rambling, studying and perusing both informative and entertaining, educational and spiritual articles and views.

All the while, the tea quietly plays genius to all my mental ramblings.

My brain is alive and surely on its edge amidst the beginning of the mercury retrograde phase, which always tends to inspire my pen or the typewritten word. I joyfully engage in deep intellectual discourse with my geniuses each, understanding the inspiration of the leaf, expertly embedded with care in each cup.

Speaking of geniuses, experts, leaves and retrogrades, in my evening drinks I have been studying the zodiac blends offered by Adagio tea company. The blends are each so individually gorgeous in their presentation, including packaging, fragrance, blend and flavor. They are so satisfying, leaving me to think that the combination of leaves and flavors are so perfect, they inspire an enhanced state of astrological awareness, corresponding to that particular sign and planet. I love it, the concept and the execution of such tasty, quality goodness. Let's discuss the moment we are in.

Taurus is the moment we are in...however, I am drawn this evening to white teas. Taurus definitely offers the white tea leaf, blended with oolong, peach flavor, apple pieces, marigold petals, and apricot pieces. The flavor is down to earth, grounding, soothing and mildly fruity. The white tea is so earthy that I may not have thought much of the taste if it were not due to apricot, peach and apple playing a starring role in its overall outcome. Taurus makes me feel that both feet are on the ground and after drinking a cup, go back to work.

It's interesting that the pisces blend is the cup I'm drinking now, and it gives me a different view on things. (Definitely, pisces comes before Taurus, even in tea world.) My tea class taught me that the perfect cup involves a variety of elements, and it is often said that many will be offended by the taste of a tea whose temperature is wrong. This intrigues me, for the difference in taste tonight seems to be due to that very concept. I have always been aware that teas take a variety of temperatures depending on type of leaf, but I have never really cared, or gotten anal about it. Now that my tea drinking is becoming more refined, I purchased an electric tea kettle by Adagio, to keep my mind focused on more important things, letting the teapot find the perfect temperature for the tea.

Now, the pisces blend contains rooibos, black tea, chamomile, white tea, orange peels, lemongrass, cornflowers, orange flavor, and grapefruit flavor. It is an interesting idea that I had never loved this flavor before and now, total acceptance and enjoyment of the taste. It is soft, floral, orangey, with a light bite, since there really can't be too many black tea leaves. It is perfect for a late night, or the last, cup. It is not surprising at all that a dreamy sign whose energy is dreamy in nature, be perfectly replicated by a cup of tea. It's really hitting the spot.

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