Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Unpacking is starting to feel like a metaphor of sorts...

As I unpacked my box of Adagio teas after purchasing a rather large shipment, I began to see my obsession clearly through the eyes of a variety of flavors I felt I just had to have. With tea, I am not so sure this is a bad thing. However, I had to know that, no matter how much I brought in, I have to also either use it or pack it out, and a time of moving, summer, is fast approaching, and I want to be ready for what comes.

I am bringing forth many emotional waves of change as I prepare my white tea for probably the first time at the correct temperature. It never seemed to matter much to me, but once I saw that there was a teapot whose temperature I wouldn't need to check with a thermometer, it made me understand just how deeply I want to delve into the world of such hot liquified bliss, and how each moment could most possibly be spent drinking multiple hot cups of tea while unpacking boxes of tea and emotions.

White tea has never tasted better.
The interesting thing is, tea has never been mixed in my world until now, and I'm reading that one needs to pay attention to the most delicate leaf in the blend, as this leaf guides the temperature of the cup. It also affects flavor, and body. Some teas I've bought can take a little sugar, like the Chicago Jazz mint. I look forward to tasting each cup.

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